Wednesday, September 22, 2010


hey there, people.. guess i couldn't update my blog at the time that i wanted to.. kinda busy these days.. can't hepl it, though.. i didn't wish for such complicating things to happen on me.. being a leader is a hectic =.= GAH~~ i really feel like strangling myself already.. oh well, i can't do anything else.. hmmm... there're not much updates from me for now.. my last update was a few days from 17th August XD .. i cronically LOVE that particular day and i love YOU =) .. heehee .. i guess that's the only special thing for this moment.. i'll update more when there's anything special .. ciaos ~~~ p/s : i've removed it and it was hard, but still, i know i had to move on PROPERLY.. i love you < 3

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