Sunday, October 10, 2010

shake me and wake me up cause it's already OCTOBER O.o ??

alright, it's already October and time passed so fast.. haizz.. penghargaan is coming very near and examz are coming right after penghargaan .. this function is worst than sports day.. of all beautiful days, WHY THE DAY BEFORE EXAMS ARE ON ??? could someone just simply SUE THE FREAKING SCHOOL ?? people want to study properly here and i'm not even paying attention this few days in most of the classes .. i can swear my chemistry paper is gonna flunk down to hell.. honestly, i'm lack of confidence and trust on myself, i assume.. what am i to do when i'm both a leader and a very unorganised student ?? i feel responsible and irresponsible at the same time.. THIS SUCKS.. how i wish i'm currently doing my last year in a college and before i know, i'm done with my studies and off to my career as a musician or an orchestra player or maybe working under the tourism section.. and after a few years, just simply get married and have babies and my life is SIMPLY DONE .. idiotic, i know.. but still, what am i to do ?? even if i'm not in college now, how i would wish i'm currently doing my SPM exam this year and off to Ngee Aun Polytechcnic School in Singapore next year.. AIKZZ .. so many things to do before i get my ass off of Malaysia and before i even graduate from high school .. *sigh* i guess i'm done with all of my confessions.. i'm stressing myself too much and have been thinking too much .. alright then, i'm done for today.. gotta focus on what i gotta do .. ciaos ~~

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