Wednesday, November 10, 2010


it's so freaking boring~!! whether the exams are still on or not, there're no differences at all.. wait.. actually, there IS .. before exam, we only tension and keep digging ourselves into the books while after exams, WE TENSION ABOUT OUR STUPID, FREAKING MARKS ... ish .. i tak suka langsung .. you know what?? i've just failed at around 6-7 freaking subjects.. i've totally failed all my science subjects and even is my mod. maths and add maths.. i've failed history and i've failed P.E .. at least i didn't fail moral this time .. for the first time in my form 4 life, i've passed moral.. i did well on the structural questions and for the first time, i managed my essay questions.. embarrasing, but i'm still happy about it .. the other subjets are good.. english is the only subject that i WILL NEVER FAIL.. i'm quite satisfied with my bahasa this time.. oh well, nothing is perfect.. nevermind, forget it.. i still have SPM next year.. after SPM, i have college .. and after college, i'm going to work and then my life is DONE.. ahaha.. stupid, i know .. i do wish to be free now, but i couldn't due to the LAST YEAR of school .. GAH.. this sucks .. ISH ..

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