Tuesday, March 31, 2009

can this get worse than worst ??

31st March 2009 *sigh* everday's the same routine .. and yet, i'm being used everytime i bump into the head of unifrom.. i mean, C'MON !! HELLO?! i'm not supposed to be used like this !! what happened lately is like this .. i bumped into the head the other day and she gave me a job to do .. as an assistant, it's clear that i have to help, right ?? so, i helped to get all the measurements by the people who wants to re-do their uniforms .. when school ends, i bumped into her again and i gave her the measurements .. what happened in the end was that she said "no need"......... if you were me, how do you feel ?? it's like you're being used, right ?? how dumb can that be ?? so much for doing everything for HER .. ugh .. next time, i WON'T and i SHAN'T do anything anymore .. it's not the first time she's done like this to me .. HOW DUMB CAN I GET ??!! she can't just simply use people like that .. it's unfair !! i've wasted so much time finding all the people just to get those freaking measurements .. DARN DAY !! ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH !! ~*aly*~

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