Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tired-some dayz ..

24th March 2009 i've been so complicated these days .. love is just rubbish, babe .. i can't afford to trust him anymore .. it's like - WTF?? but still .. i'm gonna end everything by my own .. neways, i'm like DARN H-A-P-P-Y, babe .. HAHA .. since i scored Science and English with an A, i'm getting PAID, babe -RM200 !! *sigh* i can buy ecplise and breaking dawn with that money .. haha .. DARN REJOICE-lahhh !! maybe i should work better on my studies .. HA, i can get money then .. AND I'LL BE RICH !! MUAHAHAHA !! still, i'm busy these days with my scedule lately .. and you know what ?? i've to stay back every thursday just for the dumb, freaking kebun-angkat project .. i mean, c'mon !! i have to pull weeds which is just beside the freaking drains and that's like so SMELLY !! *sigh* ~*aly*~

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