Friday, March 20, 2009

holidays or NON-HOLIDAYS, MUCH ??

20th March 2009 .. izzit me or what ?? are holidays supposed to be holidays ?? i mean, HELLO ?? i have to go back to school EVERYDAY ( not including sunday) .. i don't seem to get enough sleep and that's like- WHATEVER !! just got a post in the school band - was infromed that i became the qm .. now i'm incharge of the uniform .. MUAHAHA !! i can be the first to get my uniform first .. lol .. loving it lots,i guess - or should i be nervous ?? i'm the only form 3 student with this post !! DARN IT .. what will ever happen when i'm in form 5 - PRESIDENT ?? still .. today's my mum's birthday !! YAY , CAKE !! loving it so much, babe - makes me mouth-watering everytime, can't be blamed ..

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