Saturday, January 29, 2011

my FIRST post for January

29th January 2011
it's already toward the end of january and i'm now posting my FIRST post for the year 2011 =.=ll this is such a sad case-LAHH .. eeeeee.. can't help it .. i've been terribly busy with tuition and homework and stay backs all these while and i have absoulutely no time for my ownself.. GAH ~ i can't stand being a 17-year-old teenage girl right now .. being a BL is not in  my wish list ..iwishedtobeasecretarysobadlyandididntgetthatpost=.=..i guess i can't be a PROPER BL after all .. all the humans around me are commenting for this and that and yet i'm not doing anything with it.. actually, that doesn't matter.. what bugs me is that i was getting blamed for a situation just now long ago and it was totally NOT my fault AT ALL..

alright, leave that aside for now.. second item, i seriously LOATHE chemistry to the MAX.. everyone knows that CCL is the ketua panitia kimia, but she is the HELL OF YOURS DREAMS and i mean that statement.. however, the good thing is that this year i gave a good inpession to my class teacher, which means, for the first time in my schooling life, there will be NO COMPLAINTS from the teacher to my dearest mummy <3~~ tweeheehee~~i banyak-banyak suka <3 unlike back when i was 14, that bloody asshole who contaminated me until i was the worst student in the whole school =.= sad, isn't it ?? who cares ?? i have had my JUSTICE ^.^ happy betul~

hmmmm, third item, eh ?? well, so far in school i've been behaving well (i assume).. and i really do all my homework this year and there's really very very VERY less rush-hour work this year.. and i really really did pay attention both in school and tuition classes.. and the funny thing is that i now can do balance equation for chemistry =.=ll oh well, better late than never even try doing it..

lastly before i chao from here, i just wanna drop by and say...

...i love you , sayang <3

ilots of love,
aly loh

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