Saturday, January 16, 2010

it's a busy saturday

16th January 2010 it's another busy day although it's a weekend's day .. i'm totally EXHAUSTED for the week .. form 4 is seriously not a good year to go through .. i really MUST cope up with my studies this year and yet i've to balance up my practices .. just today, there's practice for today .. it's been a while since i've really practiced properly with my eupho .. that's because i've not been staying back long hours like last year .. lol .. neways, today's the day when the fresh, new juniors were supposed to join us .. it seems that i can't find a proper junior this year .. sad to say that this year's form 1 girl's are ... ... ... ... i know i'm criticizing them, but they're just SO SHORT =p so ... ... ... no proper junior this year .. LOL .. ...another day in ILTI .. the only thing that's interesting is during recess .. i got PUNCHED BY A GUY =.=ll for the first time in my 16 years of life, i got punched on the knuckles AND IT SERIOUSLY HURTS LIKE HELL .. in conclusion, i'll never again get near to NG ZHENG LIANG ..
-aly loh-

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