Saturday, January 9, 2010

phheewww ~~

9th January 2010 finally i'm able to BREATHE, people !! my schedule is really tight .. VERY tight indeed .. i've finally gotten my class .. just on thursday, man .. imagine yourself sitting in the hall for almost 4 days in the hall for HOURS with no space and cramped legs with some nagging from the teachers and not to forget about breathing in CARBON DIOXIDE .. however, until today, i still cannot believe that i'm in 4S4 .. i'm in a pure science class, wei ~~ i still can't believe that they've approved what i've chosen .. i've chosen pure science as my first decision and the other 2 has accountings .. i thought that the school would have disapproved me and just hand me over to the vocational classes .. i was totally surprised when pn. norhanim called my name LOUD and CLEAR from the 4S4 list .. i was like - what ?? science 4 ?? are you serious ?? is this some kind of joke ?? neither one of us in my gang believed it .. 4 of us were hoping to be together .. however, 1 of us have been seperated .. ever since then, i realised the friendship between 8 people will be corrupted .. i wanna cry, seriously .. we're all now in different classes, different time to have recess and different time for dismissal .. besides this fact, i've also realised that this is the beginning of being seperated from each other .. somehow, i really wanna go back to last year .. 2009 was seriously the BEST OF BEST year ever .. all of us were just so close and now we're being seperated like that .. aikss .. such a sad news .. ..enough of that for now .. today's the first day in ILTI, babe ~~!! it's good to be back there again .. however, i got seperated AGAIN from my gang .. half of the gang went to H.CAE and another half went to L.CPE .. i was supposed to do my H.CAE this year, but mum asked me to skip that class and go HIGHER .. =.=ll swt .. i'm no longer in the same class with Zheng Liang ~~!! GAH ~~!! i want my sweet provider ~~!! no more sweets .. =.=ll .. and it seems that i'm stuck with richard after all .. my only close friend since last year .. this is seriously LAME lahh .. i'm complaining like an old women here .. ... ... ... ... ... and yet, i got mr. gill as my teacher .. i can't read whatever he wrote on the board .. sometimes i can't even hear whatever he spoke altough i'm sitting RIGHT INFRONT of him .. after such a long complain, i can only jump to ONE conclusion .. i have to bear with whatever i'm handling now .. LOL ..
-aly loh-

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