Friday, January 22, 2010


22nd January 2010 being a form 4 student is harder than i'd thought .. i've made alot of resolutions and i've managed most of them or i should say ALL of them .. however, it's UP TO MY NECK =.= my first and most prior promise is to FINISH UP ALL OF MY HOMEWORK .. good news is that i've really did it .. i've done all of my homework without fail .. however, there are still some draw backs .. 1 i'm stressing up 2 i must work hard 3 I CAN'T BALANCE MY ACTIVITIES PROPERLY being a senior now with a post is seriously a HECTIC .. i can't find a proper junior this year .. majority of them are just S-H-O-R-T.. the one that i've got doesn't even know how to buzz properly .. well, not really mine, actually .. i'm considering the one who was the tallest among them although her height was up until somewhere at my ear lobe or taller, i guess .. my main problem for now is that ; 1 i don't have a proper junior 2 i have to get a euphist for sports day who's able to play THAT SONG strongly for bass as expected .. 2010 is really not my year at all .. i'm gonna suffer alot throughout this year .. it's the 3rd week in school and the sad thing to tell is that ... I'VE FINALLY UNDERSTAND CHEMISTRY AFTER 2 WEEKS OF STUDYING =.= ll same goes to add. maths .. now i'm left with physics and biology to UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS .. GAH ~~ S.O.S, PEOPLE ~~!!
-aly loh-

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