Wednesday, January 6, 2010


6th January 2010 being a higher secondary student is seriously NOT MY CUP OF TEA .. i mean this and i'm already too tired of all of these games, really .. although we're not given our classes yet, my schedule is PACKED .. so much for being excited about going back to school .. suddenly i feel like i'm already so O-L-D.. more like an adult, i should say .. my life's gonna change within 2 weeks .. i can comfirm that .. being a form 4 student is NEVER as easy as you people think .. we're gonna be dismissing later than usual, i've gotta stay back for practices and yet i absolutely HAVE NO TIME to even think about tuition classes !! i have abolute 0% to stay back for anything .. just simply NO MOOD .. i just wanna sit back, relax and DIG MY HEAD under the books .. SPM life will be next year and another 'war' will be on .. i need to be prepeared for the exams !! I HAVE A FUTURE TO THINK OF, PEOPLE !!
too stressed up
-aly loh-

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