Thursday, June 11, 2009

can't wait for this saturday !!

11th June 2009 boy, oh boy .. i seriously can't wait for this saturday !! i CAN'T WAIT to meet up with zheng liang and ming syuen again .. it's been a week since we've last met .. i MISS THEM SO MUCH !! lol .. kinda overboard with that, eh ?? still, i miss their humour, though .. and i'm gonna porposely sit next to zheng liang again .. *evil grinz* i just LOVE poking him SO much .. in fact, we eventually poke each other for fun during the class .. haha .. miss you guys !! newayz, there're still alot of pratices left for this LAST WEEK of holiday .. tommorow, saturday and also sunday .. and yet, monday is a school day .. the first day of school after the 2 precious weeks of holidays .. wow .. this holiday is quite short, though .. still, i find this holiday quite fun .. heehee .. ~*aly*~

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