Thursday, June 18, 2009

.::cramped legs::.

18th June 2009 woot ~~ competition's coming soon, which is like another ... ... *counting* ... ... 3 and a half days more !! *sigh* today was like hell, ppl .. we were told to wear the inner suit and the also, not to forget that darn, freaking hat .. "bathed" myself under the HOT, HOT sunny day .. you know what that means, right ?i've been SWEATING like a pig !! haizz .. what to do ?? and yet, i've gotten so much darker.. i look more like a malay that a chinese !! lol .. and i should be known as NUR ALY .. haha .. .. ... L-A-M-E, though .. anyway, back to my story .. today, again i would have to say that i skipped class AGAIN .. and you guys know what ?? that noobie-noob junior who PLAYS piano is eventually a GRADE 5 student !! can you eventuallybelieve it ??!! if she's grade 5, why is it that her tempo is even worst that following the metromome ??!! for god's sake !! because of her, we have to start all over from the top !! and it caused us to have cramped legs !! uugggghhhhhh .. shout at her, no response .. teach her, no response .. scold her, oso no response .. ask her to check line, walk faster and follow tempo, act like nothing happened like as if she's correct .. uuggghhhh .. i seriously, freakingly hate that noobie-noob junior .. it's like, please-LAHH .. i, myself, am a fifth-graded violinst .. it's not that i'm trying to praise myself, but i've NOT TOUCHED my violin for A YEAR and my skills are still perfectly the same .. and yet, she's still learning, ppl !! how can that be a problem ??!! what the hell is her problem ?!! i seriously don't und .. *inhales air and than exhales* anyway still, i stayed till 4.30pm just to accompany the "junior-junior sekalian" .. they should thank me for not changing my plan .. haha .. got treated by lai may .. THANK YOU, LAI MAY!! not to for get that i was dancing with lai may just yesterday like mad fellas in the trinity hall .. just too high .. there were many styles .. lol .. you should have seen it, though .. you can really laugh out of your skin .. ~*aly*~

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