Friday, June 19, 2009

i want to KILL!! GAHHH~~

19th June 2009 ok, more complains are coming .. before that, i'll start from this morning .. well, the day was already a 50-50 for me ... ... until i ended up shouting so angry .. that part was after the reherseal .. during reherseal, it was really a blast .. thanks to mrs. lee, everyone came out from their classes and watched us with full of interest .. sadly to say that during 'tanah pusaka', lai may told me that i eventually solo-ed .. i was like - wth ?!! i've never thought that i would play the melody ALONE .. it's the first time i've ever done .. and yet, i'm still shocked, though .. i mean, it's like - infront of the whole crowd !! can you ever imagine that ?? shocking, eh ?? lol .. anyway, right after the 2nd reherseal, i went to the upper hall to get everything done and yet, i ended up sitting in kenyon cottage 'cause there was really nothing to do in the upper hall .. after sitting down for just a 'lil while, here comes the job .. my dearest head sent me back to upper hall to put back everything .. what i'm really angry & furious is that .. since that she's kept her section, why can't she do the same to the other 2 sections ?!! i was totally in flame .. gosshhh .. oh yea, reffering to the title above, here comes my complains why i wanna KILL .. we were informed JUST last minute that the competition was POSTPONED !! *and i thought i can settle down back in class, so that i won't get nags again by CHEAH .. .. .. ..* i swear i'm gonna bomb that dumd-ass-f***ing jabatan one day .. uggghhh .. i would rather go back to SYS like last year instead of getting the date postponed !! ggaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ~~ ~*aly*~


  1. hei, if you wanted to play the shud use a marching euphonium instead of concert eupho....
    you playing the concert eupho...the sound is toward the sky....
    while the marching eupho...the sound is towards the freaking judge..
    haha...remember that XD

  2. then you contribute the money to buy it for me lor ~~ haha .. easy job ..