Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i'm gonna get myself dead by this friday

16th June 2009 ok, it's been almost 3 days since i've last online and blogging too .. okie, let me summarize everything .. let's start from sunday .. SUNDAY, eh ?? had band practices again .. this time, i had a 'small' accident .. i eventually and accidentally crashed my eupho with kar por's trombone.. after a while, i sensed the smell of blood .. i took a look on my mouth piece and i saw alot of blood!! my lips were bleeding. ppl !! so, i quickly took a packet of tissue and ran towards the ladies' .. rinsed my mouth and wiped the blood from my lips .. even 'till today i can still feel the scar .. scary, eh ?? then, MONDAY came.. first day of school after 2 weeks of holz.. had a very long asssembly .. the principal was crapping on the top of the world and was informed that we HAVE TO PERFORM the formation INFRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL, which is totally so UNCOOL !! *sighz* then, TODAY, which is tuesday .. i skipped lessons and i eventually got demerit-ed 10 precious marks !! *sigh*what to do ?? it's obvious that i can't do anything now, right ?? and yet, i seriously can't stand that dumb-noob junior who just couldn't make the diffrence between left and right leg .. and yet, what does she know ?? her "PIANO" ?!! oh, please .. if she has music background, why can't she play better than her mate ?? her mate was absolutely better than that NOOB .. iiisssshhhhhh.. still, that's all for today .. there'll be more complains than this for the whole week .. ~*aly*~

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