Saturday, June 13, 2009

lol day !!

13th June 2009 what a day .. morning was really a blast .. marching was like so confusing .. yet, it's a good thing that the formation was edited a 'lil at the back .. lol .. but then still, i was happy in the afternoon in ILTI today .. heehee .. i eventually sat behind ming han, beside ming syuen and infront of zheng liang .. it's the first time i've had talked to ming han for these 6 months .. strange, isn't it ?? anyway, today we got back our test papers .. i got only 2-friggin' A's only !! *sigh* sad, eh ?? those A's that i eventually scored is the listening paper and also my composition .. i'm happy with my composition, though .. 80%, weh ~~ haha .. then, my listening paper is 90% .. newayz, i had fun with zheng liang and ming han today .. hee .. we were supposed to have a group discussion about global-warming .. what happened here was that beh, ching and hui yuan were just back from their exams .. poor ming han got hit by hui yuan, whose obviously a 'lil sassy .. boy, you should have seen ming han being hit by a sassy girl .. poor fella .. yet, i hate zheng liang .. i sit infront of him this time .. what happened was that he loves to disturb me like poking me again .. HE'S GONNA PAY !! *evil grinz* ~*aly*~

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