Friday, June 26, 2009


26th June 2009 so, this is friday, eh ?? wednesday was really freaking me out .. i was ruuning around the school to find YOU.. you know who you are, bro .. when i gave up looking around for him, then he appeared infront of me .. aikzz .. sad case .. still .. i find that the Aztec formation was simple, though .. lol .. then thursday came .. it was our 18th month of being together, staying with each other as ONE and UNITED forever .. I LURVE YOU, SJY .. anyway, he came to my house and just do our stuff as usual .. nice day, though .. i don't know why whenever i'm with him, the time passes very fast .. first, i thought that we have been talking for just an hour, but it turned out to be 3 hours !! strange, eh ?? lol .. anyway, these few days, i've been so hardworking that i've been doing revision without realizing it myself - especially science .. lol .. can't resists science .. when i got PN. CHAN as my science teacher this year, i started loving science more that english .. you guys may think that she's strict as she's the dicipline teacher, but she's seriously a very expert scinece teacher .. you'll never know .. whoever gets PN. CHAN as your teacher, you can consider yourself a very lucky student .. ~*aly*~

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