Friday, May 8, 2009

busy like mad, PPL !!

8th May 2009 *sigh* i've been so darn, freaking busy and man, people!! all of those projects are seriously driving me nuts!! what's with all the teachers nowadays, anyway?? i just simply don't understand them .. they just simply scold me for no reasons!! i really hate some of them .. especially HAM-DAN, G-CHEONG FUN and not to forget the famous ASMA .. isshhh .. for god's sake .. i'm definetly NOT a bad student .. i obviously listen to what they teach and yet, they critize me for seriously NO reasons .. on the other side, while i'm not in school, of course, i'm deeply in love for the very first time .. i love him i love him i love him !! lol .. i know that this might be a 'lil early, but we've planned every single thing for our dearest future .. we're in deep love, dudezz .. i love him to the max, ppl!! no matter what happens, nothing will make us seperate .. I LURVE YOU, SJY !! ALY&SJY LIVES ON FOREVER !! ~*aly*~

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