Friday, May 29, 2009

~* holidayz are beginning and i don't like it*~

29th May 2009 *sighz* man, i'm darn bored, ppl .. lol .. that's the reason why i'm blogging now .. many thing happened today, though .. i'll start my story from this morning .. it happened before school starts .. i was informed at the 11th hour that we NEED TO RE-TAKE band photos .. i was like - wth ?!! you see, i left some of the inner suits IN MY BLOODY HOUSE .. it was a good thing that school haven't started .. so, i called up my parents and informed them .. * phew* i was saved by my beloved heroes .. lol .. anyway, when we need to change our clothings, so many people went missing and it DROVE ME NUTS .. i've to find those fellas' inner and outer suit .. man, being a QM is really harder than i've thought.. it eventually took us 3 precious periods to get everything done .. goosshh .. i didn't even had time to eat .. and yet, i've to keep every single stuff back into the cabinet and it was such a rush .. it was lucky of me to get everything done before recess .. HAH .. at least i still get to eat .. *evil grinzz* as i went for recess with some juniors and friends, the canteen was already JUST empty .. lol .. at least there's MORE SPACE for me, though .. as the bell rang for the higher secondary students for their recess, my friend and i decided to go back to class .. and yet, that bloody dumb-ass PN.CHEONG scolded me for no reason AGAIN ..gosshh .. rigth after school, stayed back to practice for band & formation .. THE END .. ~*aly*~

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