Thursday, May 28, 2009

.:: hatred days ::.

28th May 2009 woot~~ holidays are just around the corner, ppl !! HAH !! no more facing the teachers ever again for 2 weeks !! i'm darn happy-lahh .. BUT .. i've holiday meetings during these holz .. have to practice formation and 2 new songs .. ... ... ... at least it's better than facing those bitchy teachers who just LOVES to critize & scolding & blame me for obviously NO REASONS AT ALL .. it's not like i've done something wrong .. it's obvious that i'm listening to them .. i don't know their bloody hell EYES see in me .. one of them, CHEAH, eventually asked me to quit band NOW .. ... ... ... excuse me ?? it's like almost the month of june and there's a band competition coming soon and you're trying to make me quit ?? if that's the case, why is the school band for ?? if you want students to update themselves in studies, then cancel band !! *sigh* CHEONG is way worse .. blaming me just because i got the lowest mark for that damn ass sivik.. excuse me-lahh, CHEONG .. i got 68%, ok ?? it's not like i've got 20% or 30% .. aikkzz .. headache case-lahh .. HOW I WISH I'M NOW A MARRIED WIFE AND MOTHER !!

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