Friday, May 22, 2009

exam fever is finally is FINALE !! woot~~

22nd May 2009 woot~~ finally the examz are finally over .. i'm totally glad about it very much .. I DON'T HAVE TO DATE ALL THE SUBJECTS ANYMORE !! YAY !! darn happy-lahh .. but who knows what will happen to me later .. i've not even touched grammar 1 yet .. and yet, that MISS CHEAH is gonna check my book on the 28th .. .. .. .. this sucks.. why can't she leave me alone ?? and the worst part about her is that she's trying to force me to quit band !! sshhhheeeeesssshhhhh ~~ what does she have to care about my PMR results ?? what will she do IF i scored 7A's ?? will she reward me an IPhone ??uggghhhh .. it's MY career .. i wanna live on with my dearest eupho forever !! ALY + EUPHO = LIFE that's my MAIN thing in my dearest life .. nothing can ever replace it .. HAH !! ~*aly*~

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