Saturday, May 30, 2009


30th May 2009 darn it, ppl .. went back to school today and that formation drove us nuts .. the beat for phantom was increased to 160 !! damn it .. we were rushing like hell and it was definately messy .. and yet, at one point, i've to lead the way .. i was like - swt case ~~ sir was like pointing at me with that drum stick and i was like shocked .. i can't believe that for the first time i survived one day without lai may when sir's around .. *phew* guess i was lucky .. HAH .. still , sir dismissed us 15 precious minutes late .. i was like in a RUSH HOUR to get everything done for ILTI .. and yet, THERE WAS AN EXAM IN ILTI TODAY !! who cares, though .. i "pakat" with ming syuen to find the answers .. HAHA .. besides that, for paper 1, part 1 and 2 was done before during the 1st term exam .. ming syuen and i eventually brought the questions and exchanged some of the answers together .. HAHA .. let's pray that i can get higher marks this time .. GOD BLESS ME !! ~*aly*~

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