Sunday, May 17, 2009

funny day .. HAHA ..

17th May 2009 it's been a while since i've last had REAL fun .. lol .. yesterday was really great fun .. i happened to sit beside Zheng Liang and just behind Connie and Hui Yi .. what exactly happened to me on this day is that ... ... ... i crapped so much in the class with zheng liang .. ming syuen AKA baby Lam was another crapping fella .. *laughs mentally* and i'm seriously addicted to these 2 guys in ILTI .. anyway, as i was saying, i had real fun in class yesterday .. i sat at the back and MR.PHANG didn't seem to realize that zheng liang and i have been playing at the back .. and there's one point that we joked until i laughed my head off .. ming syuen was like- wth?? LOL .. then, during recess, ming han (ming syuen's elder brother) went to the back row and sat with jeu kai, which is obviously my row too .. lol .. what happened was that the table broke off like that from the chair !! jeu kai, ming han and i were like laughing so mad!! and yet i was the one to be blamed.. ... ... he's so mean.. what kind of a treasurer is this ming han ?? for god's sake.. ~*aly*~

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