Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm too tired and just too fed up ..

13th May 2009 examz are coming soon as in - 1 more day left !! this really sucks .. why can't the teachers be a 'lil softer to us instead of pushing us like mad monkeys ?!! can you ever image that you're exams are soon and yet, the teachers pushes you to finish up 6 folios, loads and loads of homework and also.. addition competitions or maybe cocurriculums !! how can you ever do every single of those work within 1 month-time!! please-lahh ~~ those teachers are really just being bitchy!! what do they think we are ?? super robots with super robotic arms and legs?? when we give really resonable excuses, the answer that will 100% come out from those bladdy mouths of their's is ... "EI, GIRLS, SINCE YOU DIDN'T DO MY WORK ARR, I REALLY HAVE TO DEMERIT YOU-LAHH.. YOU ALL ALWAYS DON'T DO YOUR WORK... ... SOME OF YOU ALL ARR, LIKE TO COPY THE ANSWER FROM THE BACK OF THE TEXT BOOK" ... ... ... and some will say..... "EI, GIRLS, IS IT THAT HARD TO DO THE WORK I GAVE YOU ?? YOU ALL ARE JUST BEING LAZY ONLY-LAHH... YOU'LL NEVER LEARN IN THAT WAY... ONLY LEARN HOW TO COPY, COPY AND COPY SUMMORE LARR.. THEN ... IN THE EXAM, YOU ALL ALSO 'TIRU'-LAHH " . .. ... .... ..... what are your opinions?? isn't it 'great' to have these teachers?? *sighzz* i really hate school SOOOOO much .. how i wish i'm now married and i'd just rather have kids than going to school !! sssshhhhhhheeeeeeeeesssssssshhhhhhhh ... WTF !! ~*aly*~

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